Chuckit Sport Launcher Small 14"

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Product Features:

  • Throw balls until your dog gets tired- not you!
  • Launcher enables throwing balls 2-3 times the distance of throwing by hand
  • Slobber-free pickup
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for your comfort
  • Lightweight plastic converts all your energy into the throw and is easy to travel with
  • Use with Chuckit! brand balls or your dog's favorite ball from home
  • Chuckit! Sport Small is compatible with Small size Chuckit! balls or balls 2" in diameter

Size Guide:

Handle Length: Longer handles enable extended reach and faster, longer throws. Shorter handles allow convenient travel. Depending on size and variety, Chuckit! handles range from 14 inches to 26 inches.

Ball Size: Chuckit! Launchers are sized according to Chuckit! brand ball sizes, but may be compatible with balls from other brands. Chuckit! Medium is generally compatible with standard tennis balls.

Chuckit! Ball and Launcher Size Ball Diameter
S 2"
M 2.5"
L 3"
XL 3.5"

Launcher Type: Chuckit! Original Launchers fit Medium Chuckit! balls and standard tennis balls and are a great beginner choice for enhancing fetch with your dog. Chuckit! Sport Launchers are a lightweight option for traveling and come in sizes appropriate for every puppy and dog. Chuckit! Pro Launchers are high-performance launchers with a super ergonomic grip designed for intense play with dogs who live to fetch.


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