Doc & Phoebe Hunting Snacker Cat Puzzle Feeder Toy

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About the Doc & Phoebe Hunting Snacker:

Is your bored cat desperate to go on the hunt? Try the Doc & Phoebe Hunting Snacker! Designed by a veterinarian, this cute mouse-shaped toy holds your cat's kibble or treats so your cat can enjoy hunting and catching her food. Easy for you to fill, with multiple ways to challenge your cat, you can easily regulate your cat's snacking habits, encourage exercise, and give her something to stimulate her mind. When your cat's figured it all out, you can hide the toy around your house for an extra round of puzzling fun!

  • Puzzle feeders are an excellent way to challenge bored kitties
  • Can be used as a toy or daily feeder with dry food, treats, and more
  • Solve common behavioral issues like overeating and disinterest
  • Slider on food compartment changes the difficulty level
  • Fabric is machine washable and plastic toy is dishwasher safe
  • 3.5" x 1.5" size is perfect for cats to bat, nudge, and grapple
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