Spot / Ethical Pet Fashion Pet Extreme All Weather Dog Boots XL

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About Fashion Pet All Weather Boots:

Fashion Pet All Weather Boots are built for dog walks, play sessions, and backyard visits in the most inclement of weather. The fleece lined boots keep your pup's paws warm, safe, and dry as she heads out into cold or wet weather. Flexible fabric with a hook and loop strap keeps the boots secure. A suede-leather sole and a reinforced toe cap give your dog extra grip and added protection from the elements.

  • Extra large size boot keeps big doggy paws warm and dry
  • All season boots can be used to secure dog feet from ice melt chemicals, hot pavement, or mud
  • Boots are simple to put on and fit comfortably and tightly
  • Washable for those dirty dog days

Materials & Care Instructions:

100% Polyester with reinforced toe cap. Hand wash in cold water. Line dry.

Size Guide:

Extra Large is suitable for dogs with large paws between 4.25 inches and 4.75 inches in length.

To Measure Your Dog's Paw: The easiest and most accurate way to measure your dog's paw is to have your dog stand with one of their paws on a piece of paper. Mark a line on the paper at the heel of the paw and the very end of the paw at the toes, including your dog's nails in the total length if they extend beyond the toes. Measure the distance between the marks with a ruler or tape measure. Remember that boots should fit snugly and should not have too much extra room, just as with human shoes.


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