From the Field Freddy's Feather Wand Natural Cat Teaser Refill

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About Freddy's Feather Refill:

Freddy's Feather Refill is an all-natural cat teaser lure made of cat-safe, eco-friendly materials. Crafted from cork and duck feathers, you can attach this refill lure to all kinds of wands and teasers. Dye-free duck feathers and natural cork mean that this lure is eminently chompable and fully biodegradable when your cat has "hunted" it to extinction!

  • Lure is made from hemp cord, cork, and undyed duck feathers
  • Compatible with any wand with an attachment clip, such as the From the Field Freddy's Feather Wand, Go Cat wands, and more
  • Feathery attachment mimics a bird in flight for a highly stimulating play experience
  • Made in the USA
  • Refill attachment measures 6" x 2"
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