JW Pets Ribbed Cuz Rubber Ball with Feet

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About the JW Pets Ribbed Cuz:

The JW Ribbed Cuz is made from two different extremely durable materials to add variety to your super-tuff chewer's life. The ribs stimulate your dog's gums and teeth, while the gaps in between (and in the feet, too) allow you to pack in treats, peanut butter, and more!

  • JW Pets toys are renowned for their strength and lasting qualities
  • JW Pets toys are certified by independent labs as free of common heavy metals
  • Half of the toy is made from nylon; half from TPR rubber
  • Ribs and secret hollows in the feet stimulate your dog as she chews and seeks delicious goodies
  • Toy dimensions: Ball is 3.5" in diameter, ball with feet is 4.5" high

More Information:

Always supervise your dog while enjoying a chewing or interactive toy. If your dog removes pieces from the toy or the toy becomes damaged, remove the toy immediately. Always choose a toy and treats sized appropriately for your dog to limit the chance of injury or choking.

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