Kong Pull-a-Partz Bugz Crinkle Mat Cat Toy

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About the KONG Pull-a-Partz Bugz:

This exciting, four in one cat toy brings a bit of the outdoors into kitty's home! The KONG Pull-a-Parts Bugz is a crinkly play mat with three bat-able, toss-able bug-shaped catnip toys. Each toy can be velcro attached to the fuzzy, crackling base for your cat to hunt and tear from the leaf. Perfect for cats who love to pounce, chase, wrestle, and more, it's the ultimate toy for active and curious kitties.

  • Toy contains large leaf base and three adorable, catnip packed bug toys
  • Bugs can be attached with velcro to the leaf mat for an extra challenge
  • Soft leaf contains exciting crinkle fabric and is designed to be pounced on and wrestled
  • Excellent for solo play or games with your kitty
  • Crinkling leaf mat measures approximately 10" x 13"
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