LickiMat Buddy Slow Feeding Food Mat Large Orange

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  • Cross design is versatile for holding all types of soft or frozen foods
  • Made from non-toxic, food grade, hand-washing safe TPR rubber
  • Promotes calm and focused behavior without using drugs
  • Works well as a slow feeder for small dogs and cats
  • Makes tasty treats more fulfilling and last longer
  • Promotes production of saliva and proper use of teeth and tongue for better dental health

Suggested Uses:

Filling possibilities include small kibble, crushed pet food or treats (softened with water), soft cheese, plain yogurt, natural peanut butter, soft vegetables such as sweet potatoes, canned pet food. LickiMat products are freezer safe: try freezing food and snacks for extra stimulation or a cool summer treat!

Other Information:

Care Instructions: Ensure LickiMat is handwashed in warm soapy water after every use. LickiMat mats should not be washed in a dishwasher.

WARNING: LickiMat products are not a chew toy. Supervise during first few uses. Inspect for wear and take away from pet if any piece becomes loose or detached. Please supervise your dog closely when the LickiMat is placed on a soft surface like a couch or soft bed as your dog may try to bite or tug the LickiMat when it is not on a flat surface. 

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