Lola Bean Poop Bags 8 Rolls 160ct - Pink Baby Powder Scent, Multi Color Lemon Scent, Black/Gray Lemon Scent

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  • Pleasant lemon or baby powder scent
  • Three fun and attractive patterns
  • Biodegradable bags made with d2w Controlled Life Plastic Technology
  • Leak-proof bags don't sacrifice cleanliness for eco-friendliness
  • Refills compatible with most dispensers
  • Each roll contains 20 large-sized 16" x 20" bags

About Lola Bean Bags:

All Lola Bean pet waste bags are made with d2w Controlled Life Plastic Technology. A British company, Symphony Plastic Technologies plc, has developed an innovative, practical and safe solution to the huge environmental problems caused by the millions of tons of plastic waste clogging up our planet. d2w® and the 'droplet' logo are trademarks of a range of totally degradable flexible and semi-rigid plastic products and pro-degradant additives which are sold worldwide. 

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