Mammoth Flossy Chews Dog Toy Tug Rope Bone Mini 6in

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Product Information & Features:

This bitty two-knot Mammoth rope bone is as tiny and tough as your little one! It's a great choice for puppies & those toy dogs with a big dog attitude. Premium cotton in a tightly woven rope will hold up to the most tenacious of teeny teeth. Dunk the rope in water and freeze for a cool summer chewing session or to soothe teething puppy mouths.

  • Mammoth Flossy Chews Ropes are designed to massage & floss your dogs teeth as they play
  • Assorted bright, fun colors are a hit with dog families and help you retrieve your toy
  • Cotton-blend rope is sturdy and washable after a slobbery play session

More Information

Always buy a rope toy appropriately sized for your dog. The toy should be larger than your dog's mouth to limit opportunities for choking or swallowing. Dogs who are strong chewers will need a larger toy for their size. Always supervise your dog while playing. If your dog begins to shred or pull pieces of string from their rope toy, remove toy immediately.

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