ökocat Dust-Free Non-Clumping Paper Cat Litter

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About ökocat Litter:

ökocat Paper Litter is the healthier choice for your pet and the planet! Dust-free and made from ink, dye, and scent-free paper fibers, this non-irritating, non-clumping litter is a great choice for cats with respiratory issues and pet families with allergies. This convenient, lightweight, and sustainable litter is low-tracking, and compressed paper pellets leave less mess in your home. Clean, white paper fibers are highly absorbent and formulated with an added plant-based odor control agent to eliminate unpleasant waste odors. ökocat is ideal for cats and kittens, as well as house rabbits, ferrets, and any small animal who is litter trained. ökocat is fully biodegradable and can even be composted using processes or services capable of handling pet waste!

Litter Type:

Non-clumping paper pellet litter made from reclaimed, ink-free paper fiber

Other Information:

While they are an economical and eco-friendly choice, pellet litters work differently than conventional clumping litters.

How to Use ökocat litter:

  1. Recommended litter depth is about 2-3 inches. Because paper pellets work differently, choose a litter depth that can absorb waste fully but where soiled pellets are accessible from the top when scooping.
  2. Scoop and dispose of any solid waste daily.
  3. Remove litter soiled with urine or liquid waste as needed. This litter is likely on the bottom of the pan. If your cat has used the box, wait a few minutes until any soiled litter has expanded and absorbed liquid waste fully.
  4. Top up litter depth as needed after scooping.
  5. Change litter fully approximately weekly. Wash litter pan periodically as needed.


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