OurPets Bone Elevated Feeder 12in

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Product Information & Features:

The OurPets Elevated Bone Feeder helps your dog eat at a more comfortable height, improving posture and digestion. All parts of the feeder are washable, and the ridged edge of this adorable bone-shaped platform prevents spills and messes. Recommended for dogs with arthritis or joint problems and for dogs who suffer from digestion or swallowing issues-- or just for pet parents who appreciate a simpler way to feed their dog without bending or pouring on the floor.

  • Two stainless steel bowls included with 5.5 cup capacity each
  • Cute form and practical function make this elevated feeding stand a popular choice
  • Ridge around edge of platform keeps food and water messes off the floor
  • 12" height of feeder is best for dogs who stand 16-19" at shoulder
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