Pet Boss Severe Urine & Odor Destroyer Formula 32oz Bottle with Refill Pod

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  • Designed to quickly tackle stains left behind by urine, feces, blood, vomit, oils, grease, wine and food
  • Removes odors when sprayed onto the source and freshens up the air with a light blueberry scent
  • Non-toxic for safe use around your pets
  • Patented ion technology destroys messes without using peroxides that bleach or enzymes that can degrade over time
  • Ergonomically designed spray bottle helps to spray every drop of liquid
  • Included refill cartridge gives you 100% more spray
  • Eco-minded formula is biodegradable & wastes less with rechargeable refill pods


Water, Biodegradable Cleaners, Charged Ion Surfactant, Urine Combatant, Natural Emulsifiers, Biosolvent, Odor Remover, Fragrance

Use Instructions:

Remove any solid or liquid waste. Saturate stain and blot with clean cloth or paper towel to remove. For laundry pre-wash, saturate stain and wait 3 minutes before washing as usual. To freshen and deodorize air, spritz air directly.

Other Information:

In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water. Not for human or animal consumption. Store and use as directed. Do not ingest.


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