Petsafe Clik-R Duo Two Tone Training Clicker

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About the Petsafe Clik-R Duo:

Take your training up a notch with the Clik-R Duo! One button makes a traditional "click" and the other makes a gentle triple chime noise-- great for training two pets at the same time or assigning a special command to the second tone. Clicker training is the best way to communicate more effectively with your pet while training, add cool tricks to your dog or cat's repertoire, and speed up progress in class or at home.

  • Two-tone clicker allows you to train two pets at once or expand training possibilities
  • Ergonomic design with finger loop and lanyard makes one-hand use super simple
  • Gentle noises let your dog know she's achieved success and a reward is coming
  • Ideal for training dogs, cats, horses, birds, small animals, and more
  • Instructions included for pet parents new to clicker training
  • Uses one included 3 volt lithium battery
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