Petsafe Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether

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About the PetSafe Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether:

Got a dog who's a little too adventurous in the car? The Happy Ride Seat Belt Tether safely keeps your dog in one place. Durable nylon and metal construction accommodates any size dog and prevents your pet from climbing into the driver area, bolting when doors are opened, hiding under seats, or being thrown during sudden stops. This super easy-to-use tether can be adjusted to allow more range of motion or to keep your dog securely restrained to a single seat. The tether is fully compatible with car safety harnesses to provide the best protection possible during car travel.

  • Safely and securely restrains dogs and reduces distractions while allowing your dog mobility
  • Tether is adjustable between 13.5" - 21"
  • Simple to install-- just slip the loop over the seat belt and attach carabiner to your dog's harness
  • Accommodates dogs of any size
  • For optimal safety, use with a crash-tested car harness such as the PetSafe Happy Ride Harness
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