Petstages Twinkle Ball LED Flashing Cat Toy

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About the Petstages Twinkle Ball:

Entertain your cat any time of day with the Petstages Twinkle Ball! This textured rubber ball has a motion-activated blinking light for super tantalizing play. If you've got a cat who keeps you up at night with crashing, jingling, and that darned ball track going around and 'round, give her something quieter to do-- the Twinkle Ball is an exciting yet silent toy that will give kitty something fun to do while you snooze.

  • Flashing lights and motion activation keep kitty stimulated day or night
  • Exciting without bells, crinkling, or other noisemakers
  • Perfect toy for cats who are active at night
  • Ball measures approximately 1.5" in diameter
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