Spot Fishing Rod 'N Reel Cat Teaser Wand

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About the Spot Fishing Rod 'N Reel Teaser:

The Spot Fishing Rod 'N Reel is a super fun cat toy that mimics a fishing pole! Catch plenty of catfish with this rod's real casting action and telescoping pole. Attached feathery lure on a soft string line can cast out almost seven feet for ultimate playtime. Your cat will love chasing and hunting this highly attractive toy all around your house or yard.

  • Teaser wand features real telescoping pole and casting and reeling action
  • Cast your line almost seven feet to catch plenty of kitty fish!
  • Fun gift for cat enthusiast friends and family
  • Enticing, fluffy lure is super effective at bringing in playful cats
  • Feather lure is replaceable with any toy with a loop attachment
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