Tall Tails Dream Chaser Deluxe Dog Crate Mat Bed

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About the Dream Chaser Deluxe Dog Bed:

The Tall Tails Dream Chaser Deluxe is a premium quality mat-style dog bed designed for your dog's comfort, whether she's snuggled into her crate, going for an adventure in the car, or snoozing in her favorite corner of your home. This versatile bed comes with four bungee attachments for securing the bed to your dog's preferred resting spot, such as an elevated bed or crate. The Dream Chaser Deluxe is reversible, with a warm, cozy plush side and a cooling sleep surface on the other. Both sides feature a supportive bolster around the edge of the bed with a dense center for the ultimate sleep experience.

  • Portable, versatile bed can be used in your dog's crate, on an elevated bed, in the car, home, or more
  • Four bungee attachments included for securing the bed no matter where your dog sleeps
  • Bed comfortably accommodates dogs who love to flop and sprawl while sleeping
  • Two surfaces keep your dog snuggly warm in the winter or cool in the summer
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

Size Guide:

Bed Size Dimensions Suitable For
Small 24" x 18" Small Breed Dogs
Medium 30 x 19" Small to Medium Breed Dogs
Large 36" x 23" Medium Breed Dogs
Extra Large 42" x 28" Large Breed Dogs
Extra Extra Large 50" x 36" Large to Giant Breed Dogs


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