Thunderworks ThunderEase Calming Dog Pheromone Collars Powered by Adaptil

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About the ThunderEase Dog Calming Collar:

The ThunderEase Dog Calming Collar allows you to achieve 24/7 calm without drugs or gimmicks. Designed to reduce anxiety and fear-related behaviors like destructive chewing, trembling, and more, ThunderEase supports comfort and calm by mimicking pheromones produced by mother dogs. Effective for reducing certain anxiety symptoms and unwanted behaviors, ThunderEase is non-sedating and totally drug free.

ThunderEase collars are great for loud noises like thunder and fireworks, separation anxiety-related behaviors, moving homes and dealing with new situations, destructive chewing, meeting new family members or visitors, general fearfulness, and more. ThunderEase collars can also be used in conjunction with a ThunderShirt for extra calming effect.

ThunderEase pheromone collars contain the same pheromones formerly produced by Adaptil.


Analogue of Dog Pheromone 5%

Size Guide:

Collar Size Fits Dog Necks:
S Under 14 inches
L 14 - 24 inches

Directions for Use:

Simply pop on your dog's ThunderEase Collar and go! Your dog's natural body heat will activate the calming pheromones for maximum effect. Lasts up to 4 weeks. For further instructions, see product insert.


Caution: Keep out of reach of children. For animal use only. Read product insert before use.


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