Wacky Walk'r Wunderball Natural Rubber Ball Dog Toy

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About the Wacky Walk'r Wunderball:

Handmade from natural rubber, these wacky, erratic bouncing balls are sure to please any fetch-loving pup! Wunderballs come in assorted sizes and colors for any dog to enjoy their unpredictable bouncing action. Bored with fetch? Take it up a notch with these durable, fun rubber balls. Natural rubber is safe for your dog to enjoy and is better for the planet than synthetic plastic toys.

  • Wild, unpredictable bouncing action drives dogs crazy
  • Durable natural rubber is safer for your dog and the planet
  • Floats for in the water play
  • Assorted bright colors and hand-formed shapes

Size Guide:

Always choose a ball size appropriate to your dog's body and mouth size to limit the chance of choking or ingesting the ball. While smaller dogs may enjoy playing with larger balls, small balls are not recommended for larger dogs. Always supervise your dog while playing with a toy and remove any damaged toy immediately.

Ball Size Ball Diameter Recommended Dog Weight
S 1.5" 1 - 20 lbs
M 2.35" 21 - 60 lbs
L 2.9" 61 - 100 lbs

More Information:

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.

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