CareLift Rear Support Harness for Disabled and Senior Dogs

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About the CareLift Rear Support Harness:

The CareLift Harness is a rear support harness designed to assist senior dogs, dogs with disabilities, and dogs recovering from surgery with mobility. The simple design provides support to your dog's hips and rear joints by spreading his weight safely across the abdomen and hips. A handle and leash extender allow you to safely help your dog get up and move around without painful pressure or straining your back. The padded harness provides support for both male and female dogs and makes potty breaks easy. It's fully machine washable should the harness become messy or soiled.

  • Padded, easy to use harness allows you to assist aging, disabled, and recovering dogs
  • Comfortable harness spreads weight throughout the abdomen and hips for non-painful movement
  • Ideal for dogs who need assistance getting up from the floor, going up stairs, going out to potty, getting into cars, and more
  • Compatible with both male and female dogs and easily removable for toileting
  • Fully machine washable
  • Sizes available for dogs from 7 to 135 lbs

Size Guide:

To achieve the best fit, measure your dog around his or her waist immediately in front of the dog's back legs. To assure safety, if your dog falls between size measurements, size up if your dog is on the heavier end of the size range.

CareLift Harness Size Waist Measurement Weight Range
Small 12 - 24 inches 7 - 35 lbs
Medium 19 - 31 inches 35 - 70 lbs
Large 27 - 37 inches 70 - 135 lbs


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