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Shipping and returns


We do not offer shipping at this time. Please see our Customer Support page for our current local delivery terms.


With the exception of frozen products, unopened food products in original condition may typically be returned within two weeks of purchase. Opened dry food or treats will typically be accepted for exchange or store credit only if two thirds of the original product weight remain. Please contact us before return if you are dissatisfied with a frozen item.

Bedding, apparel, and toys that show no signs of wear, damage, or odor and have all packaging and tags may typically be returned within thirty days for exchange value, store credit, or refund.

The above terms constitute "rules of thumb" for returns and are not a legally binding contract. Terms of returns or exchanges may be altered for any reason, including but not limited to the following: condition of product after purchase, timeliness of return, storage conditions of product after purchase, ability to resell product, inadequate proof of purchase, disputed claim to defectiveness, or abuse of return or exchange policy.