Chilly Dog Peach Fairisle Hand Knit Fair Trade Dog Wool Sweater

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About Chilly Dog Sweaters:

Peachy tones of pink in a classy fairisle pattern adorn this cute and toasty hand knit wool sweater. Your dog will stay warm in cozy winter style.

All Chilly Dog sweaters are hand knit by Inca artisans in South America using natural materials such as wool, alpaca, and plant-based dyes. Chilly Dog contracts with these artisans following fair trade guidelines to support the health and vibrancy of their small villages by paying a fair living wage.

  • Classic fairisle pattern in pink, white, and gray is a stylish complement to the seasons
  • Snug pullover design keeps your dog cozy and comfortable in cool weather
  • Handmade from 100% natural wool

Size Guide:

Note: Double the sweater width to get a measurement which approximately represents the circumference of the sweater. Measure around the widest point of your dog, usually around the chest behind the legs, if you are not sure your dog will fit. The sweater can stretch slightly but it will become difficult to put on and may be uncomfortable for your dog if it is too tight.

Sweater Size Length Width Approximate Weight
XXS 8 - 9 in 5 in 2 - 5 lbs
XS 12 - 13 in 6 in 5 - 10 lbs
S 15 - 17 in 8.5 in 10 - 18 lbs
M 19 - 21 in 10 in 18 - 28 lbs
L 23 -25 in 10.5 in 28 - 40 lbs
XL 27 - 29 in 11 in 40 - 60 lbs
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