Chuckit Whistler Balls Various Sizes

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Product Features:

  • Made from durable, long-lasting rubber
  • Multiple special holes in ball make a whistling sound when thrown
  • Developed to have a high bounce
  • Bright colors provide increased visibility
  • Use with your Chuckit! Launcher

Size Guide:

With all the different sizes and chewing styles available, choosing the right size Chuckit! Ball can be difficult. Use this chart to guide you to find the right sized ball for your dog. Always keep safety in mind and err on the side of choosing a larger ball. While smaller dogs may enjoy chasing a larger ball, small balls are not appropriate for large breed dogs due to danger of choking or swallowing. Always supervise your dog when playing with a ball and replace any ball that is damaged.

Chuckit! Ball Size Ball Diameter Compatible With Launchers Recommended Dog Size
Small 2" Chuckit! Sport Toy & Small Breeds
Medium 2.5" Chuckit! Classic, Sport, Pro Small & Medium Breeds
Large 3" Chuckit! Sport, Pro Medium & Large Breeds
Extra Large 3.5" Chuckit! Pro Large & Giant Breeds
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