Doog Super Sticks Incredible Stalk Fetch Toy Rubber Stick Alternative

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Product Information & Features:

Bust out this Incredible green stick for enormous fun chasing and fetching with your dog! These rubber toys are a safer, no-splinter alternative to real sticks. Doog Super Sticks Toys are healthier for your dog than a real stick and a lot more fun! They're chunkier than the rest of the Doog Stick family,with a bit of heft for bigger and tougher dogs who are harder on their toys or who enjoy a further throw. All Sticks float in water and have glow in the dark eyes, making them the perfect throw toy for your furry friend.

  • Splinter free alternative for dogs obsessed with real sticks
  • Made from recycled rubber & gentler on your pup’s mouth
  • Multiple silly characters are fun for you and your dog
  • Rope loop and grip on end of toy makes playing pick-up-sticks easier on you
  • Incredible Stalk measures 11” long and is approximately 1” in diameter

More Information:

Caution: Not a chew toy! This toy is intended for fetching and light play only— please use under supervision.



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