Spot Silver Vine Cat Teaser Wand

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About the Spot Silver Vine Cat Teaser:

Every inch of this exciting natural cat toy is packed with silver vine, a cat attracting herb! This fun new cat wand from Spot is made from a solid stick of silver vine, with a dangling lure made from compressed leaf! Super potent and safe for your cat to chew, this toy is excellent for cats who need stimulation but may not respond to catnip. Feathers and more round out the toy for a great time!

  • Teaser toy is made from tons of silver vine for ultimate kitty fun
  • Alternative to catnip can attract cats who don't enjoy the other herb
  • Cat wands are a great way to provide exercise and stimulation to indoor cats
  • Wand measures 10" long with approximately 2 ft long lure
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