Fresh News Recycled Newspaper Original Cat Litter

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About Fresh News Cat Litter:

Exceptionally low dust and made from recycled materials, Fresh News Litter is safer for your pet and the planet! Its paper-based pellets are made from 100% recycled paper received from recycling programs, saving trees and diverting paper from landfills. Fresh News is 3x more absorbent than traditional clay litters, super light weight, low tracking and low dust, and does not contain potential human or pet allergens. Odor-trapping granules made from baking soda and other natural ingredients keep your home smelling fresh. It's a great choice for young kittens or adult cats that cannot use clumping or clay litter! Fresh News can even be composted using services or processes that safely compost pet waste.

Litter Type:

Non-clumping paper pellet litter made from recycled paper

Other Information:

While they are an economical and eco-friendly choice, pellet litters work differently than conventional clumping litters.

How to Use Fresh News litter:

  1. Scoop and dispose of any solid waste daily.
  2. Remove litter soiled with urine or liquid waste as needed.
  3. Recommended litter depth is about 2-3 inches. Top up to maintain ideal depth.
  4. Change litter fully and wash litter pan periodically (about monthly)


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