From the Field Tug-A-Hemp Natural Rope Dog Tug Toy

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About From the Field Tug-a-Hemp Rope Toys:

Choose the power and eco-friendliness of organic hemp! These durable, all-natural rope toys by From the Field are free of dyes, additives, and chemicals and are safe for your dog to chew, tug, and toss. No more disgusting old rope toys lying around the house-- raw hemp is naturally resistant to mildew and microbes. These fun, chunky ropes are environmentally and budget friendly in four sizes perfect for every dog.

  • Made from 100% organic, USA-grown raw hemp fibers
  • Tough rope toy promotes healthy doggy exercise and interactive fun
  • No chemicals, dyes, or toxic ingredients-- just rope!
  • Can be enjoyed as a chew toy with supervision
  • Biodegradable when your dog's played with the toy to the end

Size Guide:

Always choose a toy size appropriate for your dog's age, weight, mouth size, and chewing style. While Tug-A-Hemp rope fibers are made from raw, natural hemp, your dog should not consume the rope. Always supervise your dog while enjoying any toy, and do not leave your dog unattended while playing with the Tug-A-Hemp rope.

Rope Size Rope Length Suitable For
Small 15" Toy to Small Breeds
Medium 16" Small to Medium Breeds
Large 16" Medium to Large Breeds
Extra Large 21" Large and Giant Breeds


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