Kong Pull A Partz Purrito Burrito Cat Toy

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About the KONG Pull-A-Partz Purrito:

This cute and wacky purple feline is wrapped in a crinkly plush tortilla for maximum 2-in-1 toy fun! Contains premium KONG catnip for even more excitement. An awesome toy for cats who like to hunt and wrestle, your cat can unwrap the toy herself or you can rotate between the plush toy interior and crinkly outside.

  • Contains two toys: one purple plush cat wrapped in one crinkly tortilla exterior
  • Crackle sounds invite kitty's attention while plush toy is great for batting and pouncing fun
  • Plush toys are soft enough for snuggling and pique hunting instincts
  • Contains KONG North American premium catnip for extended playtime
  • Toy measures 6" long. Exterior toy measures 6.5" x 4" when unwrapped
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