Kong Puppy Binkie Small

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About the KONG Puppy Binkie:

The KONG Puppy Binkie is made of gentle rubber and just plain adorable! Attached to the pacifier ring is a stuffable KONG toy to keep your little friend busy. Great for teaching your puppy appropriate chewing, using during crate training, or as a soothing teething toy. A super cute gift for new dog families!

  • Cute Binkie toy has a KONG toy attached to the ring
  • Stuff with treats, peanut butter, or soft foods to keep your dog engaged
  • Soft puppy rubber is gentler on baby teeth
  • Encourages healthy chewing behavior and soothes aching teeth and gums

Size Guide:

The KONG Puppy Binkie Small measures approximately 5" in total length. Attached KONG toy is 2" in length and 1.75" in diameter. The Small size is appropriate for dogs under 9 months old who weigh up to 20lbs.

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