Musher’s Secret Paw Protection Wax

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Product Information:

This 100% natural paw & hoof wax is excellent at preventing build up of snow and ice on paws & hooves. Provides excellent protection from “salt burn” caused by ice melting chemicals and from sand burn and hot asphalt in summer.z keeps paw pads supple and helps prevent old calloused paws from slipping on smooth surfaces when applied regularly. Helps keep hooves from cracking due to dryness while sealing out excess moisture. Soothes fly bitten ears on dogs and horses and helps keep biting insects off and away.

For external use only.


Made with 100% natural waxes and oils, including white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, white and vegetable oils, and Vitamin E. No nut, soy, or flax oils are included in the blend.

Directions for Use:

Canines: Apply sparingly (a ball the size of a pea or less) on and between toe pads. No need to shave hair. Re-apply as needed. In heavy salt conditions, wipe paws with a clean soft cloth when returning indoors, in order to remove salt or other contaminants.

Equines: Apply liberally to frog, sole, heel, fetlock, coronary band and around rim of shoes. Use as needed for biting flies: apply sparingly to ears, under jaw, as well as the base of the tail and inner thighs. 

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