Natural Dog Yak Cheese Chew Various Sizes

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Product Information:

Made in Nepal, these hard cheese chews are a hit with super chewers of all sizes! Tasty and durable, they'll stand up to determined mouths and keep your pup's interest with their smoked cheesy taste. Simple ingredients and a long chew time make these treats less likely to irritate sensitive doggy stomachs. When they're done with the chew and left with a nub, you can soak the cheese and then microwave for a puffed cheese treat!


Yak and/or cow milk, salt, lime juice.

Size Guide:

Chews are graded by weight. Always supervise your dog when enjoying a chew. Discard chew or turn into a cheesy puff when it becomes too small to be safely chewed to avoid the possibility of choking.

Cheese Chew Size Weight Recommended Dog Size
S 2 - 2.99 oz Small Breeds
M 3 - 3.99 oz Medium Breeds
L 4 - 4.99 oz Medium to Large Breeds
XL 5 - 5.99 oz Large Breeds
XXL 6 - 6.99 oz Large Breeds


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