Petsafe Clik-R Pet Training Clicker

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Product Information & Features:

The Petsafe Clik-R is a versatile training clicker that increases communication with your dog and makes training easy and fun. Use it to help your dog learn basic obedience skills or use it to teach cool tricks, train your dog in agility or sports, or assist in working, therapy, or assistance dog training! Even cats can learn too-- when your pet associates the "click" of the Clik-R with a treat, it makes training any animal simple.

  • Reward good manners, train faster, and communicate clearly with your pet
  • A great choice for any pet owner or trainer using positive training methods
  • Attached finger strap makes holding the Clik-R comfortable and switching between hand commands or training accessories a breeze
  • Clicker training instructions included in case you're unfamiliar with clickers
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