Precision Pet ProValu 1 Door Wire Pet Crate 6000 Extra Large 48in

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About the ProValu 1 Door Pet Crate:

The Precision Pet ProValu 1 Door Wire Crate is the perfect tool for house training your furry friend or simply providing some refuge within your busy home. Designed with your pet's safety in mind, the ProValu 1 Door Wire Crate features a patented 5-Point Locking System that eliminates any gaps in the top, sides, and middle of the door increasing the strength and safety of the door system. A rust-resistant electro-coat finish helps maximize the life of the crate making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Includes a durable, removable polypropylene pan for easy cleaning and a divider panel to adjust the crate size as your pet grows. Pet parents choose from an assortment of sizes to fit your pet's needs. No assembly required, the ProValu 1 Door Wire Crate easily folds flat for storage or transport.

Size Guide:

Choosing the right sized crate for your pet is crucial to making crate training a positive experience. The best way to select the perfect kennel size for your pup is to measure him from the top of his head to the floor, then from the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. The height of the kennel should be 3-4 inches taller and longer than your pet so there's ample space to fully stand up, easily turn around and comfortably lie all the way down. Too small and your pet will be uncomfortable; too large and your pet might attempt to use the bathroom in his space.

Crate Size Dimensions Dog Weight Example Breeds
1000 19" L x 12" W x 14" H Up to 15 lbs Chihuahua or similar
2000 24" L x 18" W x 19" H 15 - 30 lbs Pomeranian or similar
3000 30" L x 19" W x 21" H 30 - 50 lbs Beagle, Border Collie or similar
36" L x 23" W x 25" H
50 - 70 lbs Australian Shepherd or similar
5000 42" L x 28" W x 30" H 70  - 90 lbs Labrador Retriever or similar
48" L x 30" W x 32" H
90 - 125 lbs Mastiff, German Shepherd or similar
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