Safari by Coastal Cat and Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake

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About the Safari Double Row Undercoat Rake:

The Safari Double Row Undercoat Rake features a double row of deeply penetrating, yet comfortable pins for brushing pets with thick, heavy coats. Undercoat rakes are an excellent choice for maintaining the coat condition of extra furry dogs and cats who need a little "more" to keep their skin and fur healthy. Ideal for preventing matted fur and removing excess hair during shedding season, the rounded, spaced pins make brushing simple for sensitive pets who do not like the "tugging" sensation of other brush styles.

  • Double row undercoat rake features two lengths of pins to get deep into fur
  • Rounded pins make brushing smooth and comfortable
  • Promotes a healthy coat, removes shed hair, and prevents matting
  • Best for pets with a thick or double undercoat
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