Skout's Honor Cat Urine & Odor Destroyer 35oz Spray Bottle

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  • Eco-friendly & plant-based ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Laundry safe
  • Eliminates even the worst cat stains & destroys cat odor molecules


Deionized Water, Biokore™ (Plant-based Surfactant), Biodegradeable Molecular Complex (Mineral-based Deodorizer), Plant-based Fragrance

Use Instructions:

Saturate soiled area and 1-2" perimeter with product. For carpets and upholstery, make sure to saturate backing and padding. Wait 5 minutes, then remove excess moisture with a colorfast cloth or paper towels. A second application may be necessary for dried or stubborn stains.

Removes: Cat urine stains, urine odor, feces, marking scent, spray stains, vomit, hairballs & more

Safe Surfaces: Carpet, rugs, tile, laminate, upholstery, bedding, clothing and any other porous & water-safe surface.

Not Recommended For: Natural surfaces such as wool, leather and unsealed wood.


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