World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Lavender Scented Clumping Litter

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  • Multiple Cat Formula: Added natural ingredients make firmer clumps and even greater odor control. So multiple cats don't mean multiple headaches.
  • Gentle Lavender Scent: Natural lavender oil blend provides a calming, cat-approved fragrance. So you don't have to worry.
  • Outstanding Odor Control: Smells stay trapped deep inside the litter. So living with your cat doesn’t have to stink.
  • Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping: Naturally-absorbent corn traps waste before it sticks to the box. So you don’t have to chisel and scrape.
  • 99% Dust Free: Corn is free of silica dust—naturally. So you and your cat can breathe easy.
  • Pet, People, & Planet Friendly: Made from sustainable corn with no added chemicals. So you can feel good about your choice.
  • Lightweight: Long-lasting corn delivers the performance you need without the weight. So you can give your back a break.

Litter Type:

Corn-based clumping litter

Other Information:

World's Best Cat Litter advertises that its cat litter is "proven flushable". Howl does not recommend that local users flush their cat litter due to the state of typical Baltimore-area household plumbing and environmental considerations about the Chesapeake Bay .



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