Coastal Best Fit Adjustable Mesh Ventilated Dog Muzzle

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Product Information & Features:

The Best Fit Adjustable Mesh Dog Muzzle features a nylon strap for easy adjustment and a perfect fit. Mesh webbing securely but comfortably holds your dog, providing extra ventilation, while an open front allows him to breathe and pant with ease.

For temporary use in situations such as vet visits, dealing with unexpected strangers, as a safety aid for training dogs with behavior issues, and preventing dogs from eating objects.

CAUTION: Never leave your dog unattended while wearing a muzzle. While a muzzle can be used as a safety accessory while training or handling dogs with fear and aggression issues, it is not a sole solution for these problems.

Size Guide:

Best Fit Muzzle Size Fits Dog Snouts (Diameter)
1 3"
2 4"
3 5"
4 6"
5 7"
6 8"
7 9 1/2"
7XL 10 1/2"
8 11 1/2"
8XL 13 1/2"


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