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About naturVet:

naturVet is a company devoted to the natural health of your pet. With a large line of trustworthy supplements intended to support your pet's well-being, naturVet works with you and your pet to accessibly and holistically manage the full spectrum of pet wellness. naturVet formulas are healthier and more naturally-oriented alternatives for common pet care scenarios, such as joint and arthritis issues, resolving digestive complaints, soothing pet anxiety, and daily supplementation with vitamins or omega-3s.

Howl's supplement section is chock full of naturVet products for both cats and dogs, and we're happy to help you find the best product to support your animal's needs. Best sellers include naturVet's Digestive Enzymes blend with Pre- and Probiotics, Quiet Moments gentle herbal anxiety support treats (great for vet visits, storms, car rides, and surprise visitors), and the large variety of Hip and Joint support products naturVet offers for every level of care.

Discover more about naturVet's quality manufacturing and sourcing at their company website.


Why We Love naturVet:

  • naturVet works with holistic veterinarians to create their trusted formulas. All ingredients are multiply tested and third-party validated to ensure quality, potency, and safety.
  • The naturVet manufacturing facility is officially FDA and NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) audited.
  • Their safe and gentle formulas are a natural alternative to big box over the counter pet products that contain unnecessary and unverified ingredients.
  • naturVet has a wide variety of holistic supplements to problem solve and support your cat or dog's wellness through every stage of life-- from puppy vitamins to senior care
  • naturVet offers full strength products for pet parents choosing natural healthcare that can be used under veterinary supervision to help your pet through challenging and difficult-to-manage issues.

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