Natural Dog Split Antlers Dog Chew Elk and Royal Brown Deer Various Sizes

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About Natural Dog Split Antlers:

These naturally shed deer and elk antlers are split down the center for dogs who just love to get at that delicious antler marrow! A hard, extra durable chew, your power chewing pup will love the challenge of wearing down the antler over time. Split antlers are a great introduction to antlers for dogs who have never chewed on one before-- the inner marrow is exposed and ready for a tasty chew session!

Deer antler bone is naturally harder and thicker. Elk antlers are very rugged but a tad softer than deer antler. Choose your antler size and type according to the size and chewing style of your dog.


100% naturally shed antlers

Royal Brown Deer antler sourced from Central Europe
Elk antler sourced from Colorado

Size Guide:

Antler Type / Size Suitable for Dogs
Royal Brown Deer M Large dogs 50lbs and over
Elk S Small to medium dogs under 50lbs
Elk L Medium to large dogs 40lbs and over

More Information:

Antler sizes are sorted by weight rather than length or diameter.

Antlers are one of the hardest and densest chews for dogs. While this makes them an excellent natural chew for power chewers and persistent dogs, they are not recommended for dogs with underlying dental issues.

All of Natural Dog's antlers are Grade A or B antlers. While they are high quality, durable chews, natural antlers may on rare occasions splinter or break. Always supervise your dog when enjoying a natural chew.

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