Remedy Recovery Cone Collar E Collar for Dogs and Cats

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Product Information & Features:

Remedy Recovery's economical, safe, and comfortable recovery collars are made of transparent plastic & have a soft, padded edge. Easily adjustable to multiple neck sizes for your pets in need. These protective collars will help keep your dog or cat safe post-surgery, prevent licking and chewing of wounds, stitches, or irritated, itchy hot spots, and keep your pet away from ingesting or licking away topical medicines.

  • Transparent plastic allows your pet to see through the edge of the cone
  • Lightweight plastic is easy to wipe and clean for sanitation
  • More economical and comfortable than purchasing an E-collar from your vet
  • Adjustment holes keep the cone secure and allow you to attach to the pet's collar if needed
  • Five different sizes available for every situation and size pet

Size Guide:

The inch measurements represent the range of neck measurements each size collar can fit. When in doubt as to the appropriate size of collar, Howl recommends choosing the larger of two sizes. If your pet has a long snout or is particularly clever at getting around the edge of the collar to chew or worry their wounds, you may also want to size up to the next size that potentially fits to provide a longer cone edge.

For instance, a Labrador mix with a 15.5 inch neck could fit in a L, XL, or XXL collar. For typical use, we would recommend the XL size collar, but if he were especially persistent about attempting to rub at stitches on his ear, an XXL size collar might be more appropriate to deter this behavior.

Remedy Recovery Cone Collar Size Fits Neck Measurements
S 5.75 - 9.5 in
M 7.25 - 12.25 in
L 9.5 - 15.5 in
XL 12.25 - 21 in
XXL 15.25 - 25 in

More Information:

The Remedy Recovery collar typically allows pets to drink; however, depending on the size and shape of your pet's head and the size of E-collar needed, you may need to provide assistance for eating or temporarily remove the collar to permit free feeding or drinking.

Pets typically have the most success in adjusting to a cone collar when the collar is left on as much as possible.  Although it's sad to see your cat or dog protest or attempt to remove the collar, removing the collar frequently at your pet's request will prolong the adjustment period to the protective collar and possibly interfere with your pet's healing process. The Remedy Recovery E-collar has some flexibility and should permit your pet to sleep comfortably once your dog or cat becomes used to regular wear.

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