Vet Worthy Inflatable Soft Cone Collar E Collar for Dogs

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Product Information & Featuers:

The Vet Worthy Inflatable Soft Collar is a more comfortable alternative to traditional cone collars. It allows your dog to eat, drink, and sleep while safely recovering from surgery, healing a wound or rash, or protecting your dog from worrying or chewing an irritated spot. Easier on your dog's neck than a plastic cone and allowing your dog full visibility, inflatable collars are known to provide dogs with a less stressful recovery period.

  • Collar is easier and gentler on your dog during sensitive and stressful healing periods
  • Durable fabric deters punctures and is fully washable by hand or machine
  • Velcro security strap keeps the collar snugly attached 

Size Guide:

For proper function of the collar and your dog's safety, it is important to size your dog as exactly as possible. Measure your dog around their neck just below the head. If your dog is in between sizes, it is recommended that you choose the largest of two sizes.

Vet Worthy Collar Size Neck Measurement
Extra Small Up to 6 inches
Small 6 - 10 inches
Medium 10 -13 inches
Large 13 - 18 inches
Extra Large Over 18 inches

More Information:

Collar is not already inflated and must be inflated after purchase. Instructions are included for inflation and proper collar use.

Inflatable collars are aids to protect your dog from reaching injuries and wounds. Because the edge of the collar is smaller than that of a traditional cone, persistent dogs and dogs with long snouts may be able to reach wounds or irritated spots, especially those located on their legs, paws, and tail.

Because the protective soft collar is inflatable, a puncture through chewing, biting, or other means is still possible. While the collar is covered with a durable protective fabric to deter damage to the inflatable tube inside, Vet Worthy cannot guarantee that the inflatable collar will not incur a puncture or deflate. We recommend monitoring your dog whenever possible while wearing an inflatable collar.

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